Welcome.  My name is Sabine Vera, and “Symbiotic Veritas” describes an interactive style of bodywork therapy or movement instruction that relies on subtle forms of communication occurring between the receiver (or student) and the observer (or therapist).

Symbiotic - Mutually beneficial interactions between two individuals

Veritas - Experiences of truth

This style of therapeutic work is a shared search for a genuine inner comfort that avails you to your own perfect health.The new health paradigm is based on wellness and holistic self-care, providing us with the joy and satisfaction of cultivating a truer relationship with ourselves.  Effective self-care is dependent on good education and honest feedback, given in kindness by knowledgable observers, teachers, guides and allies.  I offer assistance in this process through my own brand of:

Massage Therapy

Yoga Instruction

Movement Therapy

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

The pages of this site will give you a preview of what you can expect in a session, as well as explain just how fascinating and effective these approaches can be.  Some background of how I came by these skills is also shared, along with links to local, national and global resources.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please read on.

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